Reimagining shipping — Our founders, brothers Niels and Lars started their story with a unique vision improve ecommerce shipping solutions, across the board. We could never have imagined that this vision would grow into something so huge; their vision was game changing.

Niels and Lars started their previous venture - in 2007. They owned several online stores, but they experienced a lot of frustration in trying to ship their goods with the shipping technology provided by carriers. They went on to build their own software, gradually improving every aspect of the delivery process with their innovative technology; from labelling to tracking, their technology integrated well in both warehouse management systems and marketplace platforms.

Since 2016, the team has been helping some of Europe's biggest white label companies with our innovative shipping software. As our business grew explosively, the real challenge became ensuring the highest uptimes and performance for the increasing load on our systems, with each white label addition. We took everything we had learned from our experiences and this became the backbone for today.

We've learned a whole lot along our journey and have translated our experiences into creating a robust API and a white label solution. Or solutions are proven time and time again to not only provide great shipping experiences for clients but also to create great delivery experiences for their end customers.