Budbee — with their innovative climate compensated delivery service, Budbee provides a wholly sustainable, green domestic and last mile delivery service.

Easily add & manage carriers — It's as simple as editing one line of code to change carriers with our system. You can even add your own selection of carriers, or use any form our carrier library.

ECommerce plugins & Integrations — Free access to our complete product suite; with integrations for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, eBay, OpenCart, PrestaShop & many more.

Manage clients & carrier services — The Admin Portal provides you with all the administrative tools you need to manage all aspects of your clients shipping profiles.

Track & Trace —Solve issues before they arise; with detailed real time information on each tracking event you'll always know the whereabouts of your shipments.

API — Create shipments using the core functionality of our robust API to connect directly to your current software. Quickly complete your integration using our software development kit.

Analytics — The SendMyParcel.com Analytics Dashboard collates & displays actionable carrier performance insights, allowing your clients to make data driven decisions with confidence.

Carrier Integration Programme — Easily add, organise & manage access to the world's most popular carriers. Quickly add new carriers to your portfolio, or if you're a carrier & want to join our carrier library, get in touch.

Intuitive portal — Simply add your logo & company colours to both your new Admin & Client Portals, to create a seamless & consistent look & feel with your brand, for your clients.

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Let's chat — To discuss our carrier integrations, request a new carrier or if you're a carrier and want to join our carrier library, get in touch with us.